First Blog Post – Finger’s Crossed

This is my first ever blog post! I am going to be honest, I have no idea where to begin except with intention. This blog is intended to attempt to answer questions that I wonder about with my own dog, as well as questions I have regarding other species of animals I care for. I will do my best to research to come to a proven answer to questions like: Why does my dog always have to find the perfect spot to pee when it’s freezing outside and I want to go to bed?; or Why does my cat refuse to use his litter box after I have just cleaned it? These and many more questions that boggle the mind about our faithful companions. If you have any questions I am more than happy to answer them from a Veterinary standpoint. Please send them in, I need all of the ideas I can get – email, on my facebook page, or in the comments below.
As a technician I would get some pretty good questions in practice that the client would be too embarrassed to ask the Veterinarian so they would ask me. I guess I am a lot less intimidating than the doctor. Which was great because they were opening my mind to things I had not thought of, things that were not taught in text books, and subjects that would make me scratch my head and do a little research. My goal with this is to start conversations and bring a little more understanding to why in the world our animals would do some of the things they do. Now, sometimes there may not be definitive answers to our questions and the answers may only be a hypothesis that deserves more time and research. But I promise to try to always get to an answer. I look forward to our conversations!

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